Apr 12, 2011

12th of April 2011... What an eventful day.

First, it's Hua Yi Concert Band's SYF Central Judging for Band.
Second, Hua Yi Concert Band's sec 4s are stepping down.
Third, the results of SYF.

SYF... reached school at 5. tio scolded by Mr Tan and practiced. haiz... seriously... What the hell am I doing? Drum major already still do this kind of things...

Bus supposed reach our school at 7. But as usual, it came late. Woodwind bus reach at 7.20 and Brass bus reach at 7.40. Mdm Angrenni boarded the woodwind bus and register when she reached. xD Brasses reached at 8.36 when we were supposed to reach at 8.30. But since we registered, we didn't get penalized. Phew. xD

Tuned and rehearsed for the last time in the tuning room and off we go to the stage.

Singapore flyer was relatively okay I think. But some tunings are out. Ride was terrifying. I was so afraid I couldn't reach the high note, but I MADE IT!!! WOOTS! XD and i guess some parts we were not in time, and yea, that thing too.

Went back to school to pack and went lunch with the other 2 retards at KFC.

Went back to school at 4.30 to go back to SCH to listen to results. it went like this:
Announcer: Band number 129, North Vista Secondary School... Silver
*Claps and Cheers*
Announcer: Band number 130, Hua Yi Secondary School... ... ... Silver
*Emo claps*
Announcer: Band number 131, Beatty Secondary School... Silver
*Claps and Cheers*

Everyone was quite emo after the announcement of results though we had expected it. Some even cried.

Band, we've practiced hard to maintain a silver. good job. (: Those who thinks you have did your best, I salute you. Those who are guilty, now you know the seriousness. Do better than best 2 years later and maintain the silver medal or maybe clinch the gold medal. All the best!

We went to dinner at jp and went separate paths of dinner next. LOL

Sec 4 seniors are stepping down... Sec 3s are supposed to lead the band now. Are we capable? LOL or am I capable of leading lower brass? Can I be a leader as good as Chuanjie and Senmian? No use being not confident now... I have to take up the post. WE have to lead the band. Jiayou to all sec 3s! :D

Sec 4s! Do come back often! Hahas! You all know we will miss you all. But of course, do well in your o levels too and make the band proud of you. :D we're glad and proud to have all of you as our seniors and leaders. Thank you so much for the guidance for the past few years. You guys deserve a long rest. (:

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