Mar 13, 2011

People! Don't give up! It's just a few weeks till the competition. Hang in there!

By the looks of what Szefann and Siwei posted on facebook, I start wondering. Are we stressing the sec 2s too much? Are we being too selfish to get a gold and forgo their stress? Then, again, aren't the seniors stress too? Aren't Mr Tan stress too? Gahh... what to do?!

I guess the least I can do, is like what everyone else is doing. To encourage. SYF is just near the corner. No doubt everyone is stressed. But just hang in there. The results would be satisfying. Even if we stayed in silver, or get a gold. Because we all know, we put in our best.

Just don't give up now. What's the point of learning your lovely instrument for 1 and a half year, and then you're ready to get defeated by a national competition? This is, I will say, stupid. Come on people, being a musician, you have to be perservering. Be strong! And this attribute will help you succeed not only in your musical life, but your reality life as well.

Band members, perservere through this hard period, and the results will be satisfying. Jiayou (:

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