Mar 6, 2011

How nice would it be, to tune out from the world and indulge into music.

What if, you wake up one day, and finds that you are deaf, and the only thing you can hear is music. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Think about it. You don't have to care you can't hear, and what you can hear is one of the world's most beautiful sound/noise. You can finally be free from all your burdens. No more studying, no more relationships problems... Life would be so free.

As much as music is a wonderful thing to listen to, if you can only hear music, wouldn't it be boring? Think about the things you can't hear for the rest of your life. Laughters, jokes, sweet things said by people, etc.

I was plugging in my earpiece in MRT just now on the way to Pasir Ris. As my earphones were those types that when you plug in, you can hear nothing outside, I can hear nothing except for the music which is playing from my iPhone. The scene in the MRT was beautiful with the music. But at the same time, it felt empty. I see my friends laughing happily, but I couldn't hear their laughters. I can only hear the music...

Music is really a wonderful thing. It can make you happy or cry for no particular reason. When I was listening to my iPhone, I smiled to myself upon the thought of my friends. All of them smiling happily. I couldn't use words to describe, but I smiled broadly upon this thought. All my friends were laughing and enjoying themselves so happily, so carefree. Amazing how music can bring you to a totally different world eh?

Just now in the MRT was one of the rare times I used my heart to listen instead of my ears. And the music was beautiful. It was beyond words that can describe it. Although I had heard my iPhone songs for many many times, I think just now, it's the nicest of all. It's like soe kind of magic had happened. Turning the music into a nicer tune, a piece that touched me.

Entering to the world of music seems like you need a certain key. First, you have to know music. You have to know how each instruments operate, or how they sound, or how you are going to play them. Next, you have to learn how to listen. Then, you have to finally open the "door" and "see" what the piece of music is trying to say. There is no particular answer. Everyone's view is different. But everyone's answer is the same: "Beautiful". Why? Because what they see, cannot be described in words. And "Beautiful" is the closest word to what they could use to describe what they "see".

Now, what I'm going to see without my eyes is my dream. LOL Bye readers, your author for this blog is going to bed.

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