Feb 28, 2011

What a rare weekday that I actually have time to post. LOL nah, actually, I'm just heck caring homework that's not due tomorrow. HAHS!

Seriously, (Don't Laugh) I really think I've grown mature as compared to end of sec 2. Or even the beginning of 3 (Which is like early Jan?). I know I act childish-ly when I'm with my friends. But really, I really really think that's not childish. That's having fun. LOL

I surprised myself with the way I think and what I say to my peers. As compared to the old me, I would have agreed with their complaints. But now, I'm standing in another position and looking at a different view. Explaining to them what's wrong and what's not.

Maybe I'm changing because I'm preparing myself to be a leader. hahas. Tough job, yea. But really gonna give it all my best. It'll gonna be fun! :D One whole year of leading something you like. Sounds great yea? Excited for it. ^^

Progress report stunned me. Not trying to discriminate any of my schoolmates who is reading my blog. LOL But really. I've never expected myself to get 5 A1s, 1 A2 and 2 B4s. How I wish this is O levels. LOL

Okay, enough of results. SYF is coming up. In a month's time. Jiayou for all band members! Strive for gold yea? :D

After SYF, it will be the planning of band camp, band chalet(?), band outing(?), and section outing. LOL oh yea, there's POP too. We'll then have fun and play fun songs! :D Juniors will start playing with the main band which is when the seniors will have to do most of the teachings. Great year ahead! :D

Oh yea, I just realize all my posts all long. Does this indicate that I'm long winded? LOL

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