Jan 5, 2011

2nd day of school. Lessons started. Physics teacher Mdm yeo was nice. :D chem teacher Ms Chiang is also nice! LOL science will so be my favourite subjects this 2 years. xD still waiting for bio teacher. hope it's some interactive and fun teacher. but mdm yeo said it's most probably mr lim. let's check him out on fri. XD

was late for band with the entire sec 3 express band mates. lessons until 3 when band started at 2.30. haiz... chuanjie and min sein laughed, again, at my long pants. *...*

After band went to eat dinner with chiaowen and qinyan. chiaowen was doing random and epic things as usual. XD qinyan was... laughing at chiaowen with me. LOL left teh tarik at 7.30.

guess i have to apologise to choonhiang. LOL for his latest blog post. and since he sits beside me in class and in front of me in band(new sitting arrangement), he's the one who hears my complaints the most. after all, capricornians stands out at complaining and being stubborn. xD so, sorry choonhiang! this gonna continue until we graduate. LOL

finally, i realized. it's no that i hate you. it's the personality and character we share that i hate.
Both of us are:

  • Rude
  • Too ambitious
  • Attention seekers
  • Lousy temper control
  • hates being a loser
  • pride - even when we lose, we'll still find excuses and say we win the other party in one way or another
  • loves to criticize
  • gets jealous easily especially when we tried so hard to get something but still cant get it and someone just comes by and gets it without effort
  • hates people for pointing out our mistakes because we think we are so good.
  • guai lan especially to things we oppose

Yes, it's not that i hate you. Whenever i see u, it's like seeing myself in reality. not the appearance, but the behavior. I dun hate you... the person i hate is myself.

Yeap, who am i kidding?! ur tone is really better than mine. but i find every single way to counter this sentence. ur learning pace is faster than mine. and i "forgot" my learning pace when i was ur age. I'm no better than u, scolding seniors assholes, idiots and everything when i was a junior back then.

now, what do i have the rights to hate you... when we are both the same...

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