Nov 26, 2010

yawnz... damn damn tired today. band today is tiring. i think i kept yawning. :P and frowning i guess. coz weizie and yaoren tot i angry. :P rehearsed for tmr's open house. PRI 6 THIS YEAR PLEASE COME HUA YI TOMORROW! :D hope will have someone join lower brass next year. :P

I'm really tired. really. I've never knew being a senior is so tiring. much less an SL and majors. To those having posts, I salute you. Next year I'm going to be sec 3 and the most senior in lower brass section after chuan jie and sen mian step down. i have no idea how im going to lead it or even maintain it's standard like how the previous SLs did. I dont want to be SL, IF im going be chosen. The responsibility is too big. I really have no idea how im going to cope. Sec 3 life, homeworks, senior. now SL? really, i WAS regretting quitting SC. SCs are not allowed to take up posts in band. Being a normal member, a junior, is so freaking awesome. You can make the worst mistake and no one will blame you for having experience. being a member without any posts, you wont have to worry abt the slightest thing/mistake your section make/made. it's totally carefree. I'm making this official: I DONT WANT ANY POST!!! nw i have no idea y i wanted to be band major and SL of lower brass when i was sec 1. guess i was just ignorant. =/

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