Nov 1, 2010

wow. im actually blogging after 1 year and 1 month. LOL amelia will be s damn happy. she kept pestering me to blog. LOL

anw, beware of vulgarities. today i just not my day. =.=

let's just start on the afternoon.

went for band with excitedment. after warming up with mr tan, he gave us first love and i was happy. im still happy after sight reading but my mood just gets worse after playing dawn of a new day. i fucking screwed up every song i played. =.= even dawn of a new day and fireside christmas. like wth? these are easy pieces and we practiced for so long! either it's wrong note or wrong timing. i just cant perfect one single piece today. =.=

however, i get to know myself better after today. I'm fucking stubborn, sort of a perfectionist and have this fucking stupid feeling to win everything(arguments, debates, competitions...). =.= FML

i would probably be cursing someone right now if i'm not so pissed with myself. LOL

fell in love with music @ 7:10 PM
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