Jun 13, 2009

woke up by sis at 9.30. but should be earlier coz i going out wif wei heng. den meeting at 10.45. still nid bathe, eat, blah blah blah. so have to be earlier. =)

but i forgot den slept 10 more mins. woke up brush teeth den rmb-ed. so faster bathe, eat and off i went~ =D

met him at posb. but it was onli 10.22. lol! we were planning to take bus, but we waited very long the bus still havent come. so we went to take mrt. den walk walk walk to lakeside mrt station. walked different path. competing who reach first. lol! and i won! =D XD

took mrt to boon lay station. walked into jp. enjoyed air-con. went to gv buy movie tickets. went to arcade to play and at the same time, waste time. went to comics connection. waste time again. coz land of the lost start at 1.20. we reached at 10plus or 11. den went to popular slacked again. finally to the new jp back to the old jp to waste some time.

1.20 liao. went back to gv buy 1 nacho combo each and a large popcorn. payed $10 each. land of the lost was abt the another dimension. dinosaurs and stuff... sounds boring? yea. but it was hilarious when u watch. one advise: dun watch wif parents! watch wif ur friends. coz there's some really sick stuff. parents may not like it when u laugh at that. LOL!

after movie went to jurong lake park. went one whole round wei heng den say he wan go the playground. damn tired by then. den play play wif him lor. den go home liao.

on the way home, he sang vulgar version of crush. which is damn funny. den love story also. but not as funny. den he go another way home. i go home alone. and reached! =D

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