Jun 16, 2009

woke up at 9 this morning. set off after brushing,washing,eating and slacking.

went to block 400+ to buy prepaid card but rmb-ed it's at block 500+ so ran all the way there. y run? coz im gonna be late if i walk. saw amsyar at teh tarik. but he didnt see me. lol! so bought. top up-ed my phone. went to the nearest bus stop and waited for 187 to take me to jp.

surprisingly, saw sheng mu in front of me a few seconds after i sat down. LOL! den next stop people got down, i went to sit beside her. she passed me the 3 death note comic book bought form korea!!! english version somemore! 3 lehs!!! damn damn expensive.

so we reached the bus stop nearest to jp. toked. and directed her where to go. lol! met ling yin at wallet shop. went to kopitiam to buy drinks coz thirsty. back to wallet shop again. ling yin bought new wallet. lol! this is so pointformed. XD

we went to golden village. saw shawn and wei feng together. one red one blue. LOL! den sheng mu and ling yin say shawn cute. shawn! be honoured! my friends say u cute. lol! but den after that they say ur attitude not so good. no offence though.

went to comics connection and back to gv. lin sen reached shortly after. we bullied him to buy the tickets. lol! den bought nachos combo. and we went in to the cinema.

drag me to hell is nice? lol! but missed out lots of parts by turning my head. XD the rating is seriously wrong wrong wrong! no PG movie is suppose to be this scary! made me ahh-ed 2 times. and my straws is flat after im out of the cinema. LOL! and ar! the ending is so so not good! Christine Brown is NOT suppose to die! she did nothing wrong! ganush died but not 100% to hell! ganush should be the one who replaced christine brown! that movie have no sense of justice!!!

gahh! that movie not nice la. changed my mind. XD went to LJS to eat again. *my $$! TT* stayed there quite long. *my time! TT* LOL! ok that's random. went to action city after that. saw wen hui at the escalator. waved, smiled=) den up to the arcade and saw wen fang. LOL! so coincidence. window shopped after that.

went to popular after we dunno where to go. ling yin slippers broke mysteriously. and sheng mu weirdly thought of buying scotchtape to tape it back. lol! but in the end, went to minitoons to buy her new pairs of shoes.

time flies and it's 6. sheng mu have to leave so we went back home as well. ling yin took 243 i think. and the 3 of us took 187. after a while i reach liao. den went back home!

kena sabo-ed by hui yin. now den rmb. lol!
Jeans or skirt : jeans
Sport : badminton, volleyball
Song : singular? TT
PSP or Nintendo Wii : PSP
Teacher : Mr Leow, Ms Fauzila, Mdm Suriani, Mrs Siva, Mr Mike Tan, MT teachers
Ice-cream or jelly : ice cream
Chocolates or sweets : chocolate
Him : no him. XD
Apple or orange: Orange
Cartoon: definitely pink panther. for her sake. LOL!
Movie : DEATH NOTE! see la! u made me crazy again. XD
What are you thinking now? - how to bully her.
What are you doing? - trying to feel fun to do this quiz. lol!
What do you want to do? - erm... dunno.
Who are you thinking about? - her. coz chatting now. no other reason. XD
Are you bored? - Nah.
How are you feeling? - happy. for some reason.
Have any personal things to share ? - i suddenly emo and suddenly happy again.
Who do you last hug? - forgot. someone back at the graduation night.
Who do you last texted? - phone no bat liao. but should be her.
Who do you last took picture with ? - forgot. should be him ba.
Tag 10 people to do this quiz:
1) Phyu Cyn
2) Ling Yin
3) Hema
4) Lin Sen
5) Wei Heng
6) Nisha
7) Liping
8) Pei Lu
9) Ying Xiang
10) Sheng Mu
1. What if 1 and 8 fight? (Phyu Cyn & Pei Lu)
erm... maybe sort it out for them? kinda stuck between them if they fight.

2. What would you do if 5 loves your boyfriend? (Wei Heng)
we are straight. go ask those who are not. handful of them. XD

3. How do you know 4? (Lin Sen)
erm... he kept joining us in the morning.

4. How are you related to 7? (Liping)
Cousin. =D

5. What if 9 hate you? (Ying Xiang)
he dare?! lol! jkjk. no la. cousin ma. how hate?

6. What if 3 and 5 fight? (Hema & Wei Heng)
LOL! Pigs appear outside my window. wait, they already flying. XD

7. If 2 have boyfriend/girlfriend and you don't have, would you be jealous?(Ling Yin)
LOL! she already have. XD happy for her.

8. Who is 8? (Pei Lu)
Cousin. =D

9. Does 4 hate you before?(Lin Sen)
Nope! =D

10. What will you do if 7 hate you? (Liping)
hate me ar? she die liao. LOL! dunno leh. somemore cousins.

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