Jun 23, 2009

band today was... fun? lol!

started on i-recommend liao. the Bb major chords is so damn nice. XD the scale study also damn nice. XD these are like onli the warm-ups for seniors. scale study is damn fast. but mr rassull make it slow. =D but junior band still cant catch up. maybe because the note is very high?

finally got to play wad the seniors are playing. feel so proud. XD though we are still noobs.

after warm-up in i-recommend, we proceed to warm-up in standard of excellence. which is dunno how many levels apart. den we played some musics in standard of excellence.

after that, played "March 'Together'". It was also so damn nice. and so damn easy! but i keep making mistake though. keep slowing down. D;

hope this fri can play march together with main band. dunno y but feel that march together is damn fun. XD

Excited for Friday! Can go out wif them! =D

It's been long since we debated.
I remember u win most of the time.
Those times were really awesome.
You are always stuck between us now.
I know how u feel.
Thank you truck loads for helping me.
And i know u put urself in "danger".
But u chose to help me.
I know i can never repay u for wad u did.
But really, Thank You truck loadz.

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