May 26, 2009

lol! cheryl ask me post normal days. but not fun. lol! fine ba. let's try.

Haiz... sadded. sec 4 sc's step down le. lol! dunno y sad sad. maybe coz they gave us lots of memories ba. den... forgot wad happened next. den recess. bought 3 wrist band from ELDDS 2 white 1 yellow. den eat. den go inline skating. today alot people fell. i also fell lots of time. lol! but was fun la. except for those equipment that was not cleaned. lol! go back class already 12.30 liao. den we slacked. bell rang everyone rush to the door. lol!

think u'all fell asleep ler rite? lol! now the proper post:
Start wif thanks first ba. =D

Thank u! thank u for protecting me from teases and such although im not wif u. u even got bullied while saving me. TT but u nvr had a second thought. THANK U SO SO MUCH!!!

sadly, there's onli one to thank. lol! Haiz... scold people scold dao sian liao. lol! but just to kill time. XD

I tot u were not like himher but u are no difference from her! u changed so damn much since the first day i met u. u backstabbed me to her just because u wan more people to hate me. haiz... wads wrong wif people brain this days? y cant u just hate me urself? coz u scared u the onli one hating me? zzz! or are u just a sore-loser?

Pls lor! acting ah-beng infront of them for wad sio! just wan them to like u? or are u liking them? -.-

omg! u are getting from bad to worse. sure u dun nid go back kindergarten? for both knowledge and characteristic. say me keep going wif girls u urself girl also keep going to boys. u just have to win everything dun u? people win u not happy. u win u scold people noob. wad's ur problem?

tot u were not like them. but yet, u made me disappointed. people dun hate me u not happy isit? giving them a lesson y they must hate me? lol!

PLS!!! she's also ur best friend! i know u hate me. but u cant bully her wif them just to ask her to hate me rite?!

PEOPLE!!! just hate the person u hate and that's all! nvr ask others to hate them as well! to me, it plain shameless, dignity-less and no class. somemore, only tell the person u hate that u are weaker than them.

Is victory more important than friends? if that's the case, i rather lose this game and have my friends back. because u are not worth having them to stick wif u. or rather, u sticking wif them.

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