May 9, 2009

Hello! After so long didnt post u'all miss me rite? XD well.. basically, im lazy to post. :P well... hmm... this may not be a proper post but keep reading it so i wont have to post in the near future. XD

U are basically TALL, arrogant, childish, act like the boss, blah blah.. u want to gain autority when no one hates us. u want to make people no tok to us. or perhaps, hate us. onli u know the BRILLIANT plan. u dun even know how many people hate u and still, u hate those innocent ones, those who treat u as a good friend. wad an idiot u are. u boast and boast abt ur BEAUTY, not knowing people will puke their pepsi twist out. u jump and jump like u nid to go to the mental hospital or just trying to be even TALLER. u like at least 3 guys in a month, u change and change. everything just have to go ur way isnt it? u dun like people to shake the table, they just have to listen to u? u happy u can just punch anyone? u not happy u ask ur best friend to scram? u dun even know ur best friend LOVE u. u backmouth those who u hate. but they dun hate u. u just hate them because u think they hate u. and by that, i mean u are a total crap! i seriously think u are not 13. pls, i beg u, grow up! both in height and characteristic.

u wont listen to HIM and not tok to us rite? u have ur own decision, u wont follow HIM rite? pls, dun believe wadeva HE says about us. i dun wan our friendship to be plain, or even end, because of HIM.

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