May 31, 2009

And i thought primary school life was disaster(no offence). And i thought they were just exagerrating. And i thought u were the best. And i thought i will never regret. And i thought we will be best friends forever. And i thought i can never forgive you. And i thought...

But secondary school life is worse than disaster. But they were not. But they are. But i am. But it ended sooner than i thought. But i think i did. But...

Is this wad u call friendship? y are u stopping now? y cant i just hate u? that would be happier. cant u just continue wad u are doing? when i dun see u, i wanted to see u, but when i see u, i dun wan to see u. What is this?! this could be mended? i dun think so, this is permenant. wad if everything was a nightmare? would it be better when i woke up? i nid to choose between u all and them arent i? i dun wan to make that decision. never would i want to. hate me! and hate me like u hate him! dun let me feel guilty when u treat me normally like nothing happened. wad would my reply be when u took action first? will we? will we be the buddies like the past? make me hate u pls. i cant take this any longer.

Aim of this post: confuse the readers. lol! but wad i posted was true. just that mixed up. dun feel dumb if u dun understand. =D

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