Mar 6, 2009

band practice today was kind of boring.

well, after band prctice, went to find hema and wei jie to go library. but hema's speech day havent end. wei jie's basketball havent end. so i wanna go back to watch how they practice for speech day den met phyu cyn and ling yin so we did the cheer wif them. lol! long time didnt do cheers liaos. so fun. the happy memories...

after speech day end, we went back to find wei jie. den his basketball end liao he dunno... so we want go library. but wei jie keep toking to other people. so we abandon him and we go wif phyu cyn, ling yin, hema and ching sing.

den go up found out that library close. wtf! den go home lors.. oh ya! and on the way back, we saw mr leow wearing diutius t-shirt. diutius people, u'all must be so proud...

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