Feb 21, 2009

went to jp today to celebrate wei jie's birthay. erm... can say quite boring ba not like my birthday. =X

left home at around 10.25 when we are suppose to meet at 10.30. den i ran to hua yi back gate to take bus. den i boarded a bus. after a stop, i found out that i boarded the wrong side of bus. den i ran back. lol! den i crossed the traffic light. but i tot if i wait, the bus may be slow to come. so i ran 3 stops and boarded the bus as it came wif me. lol!

reach jp at 10.40+. actually wan give wei jie surprise from prima deli and hema is there. den my hp no credit so i wan to lend from people. the 1st one i wanted to lend didnt bring handphone. den the 2nd gave me a scolding. wtf! den i tried to catch hema's attention without wei jie noticing. lol! try tat! tat's so difficult. XD den no choice lors. she didnt notice me. den i also cannot find chong sing. so i went in luh.

lol! den i say i thirsty. den i search my bag for wallet den lie to wei jie tat i lost it. den call hema go prima deli for wei jie's birthday cake. lol! such a coincidence! the birthday cake hema ordered yesterday nite, was the same cake tat they bought for me! lol!

den go in KFC singing birthday song to wei jie. lol! but not so loud. so not fun. D: den we realise something. we dun hav plate and fork to eat. so we took plate and spoon from the KFC. lolol! den we ate lors...

after that, wei jie treated us KFC. ate again... den hema's mother came. and she said that hema nid go already. D: so we bid good bye to hema and planned to go arcade. but i say 2 person play arcade not fun. den i asked wei jie to call sing rui. but cant reach her. so we called chong sing. lol! he was suppose to be there liaos. bt he overslept. lol! den we went arcade first. when we play basketball, he came and gave me a shock. :O

after that, we wanted to play racing. but not enough seats. so we waited. whie waiting, we saw a pro playing the drum game. he was so pro tat he play till he sweat and we cant see wad to hit properly. the notes was damn fast!!!

after he played, we found there's onli one seat occupied and we took 3 seats. den we challenged each other 2 times. but i was 3rd 2 times. D: den played time crisis 3 and the 3-player game. den went out of arcade liaos.

went to comics connection after that, found a death note ring by chong sing. den u'all should know wad i did rite? after i bought it, i tried it on. but it was too big for my finger! D: so sad!

went to popular to buy books for wei jie's sis. den went home together after that. =D

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