Feb 3, 2009

Today have band practice. Starting not to like band lers... =X

today after school, got dragged by Sing Rui, Faizah and Hema to the instant noodles shop. den go there saw Austin and Bryan. lol! den go there onli left 10 min. so faster go back.

waited for the sec 1 conductor, Mr Rasull, to come. took attendance and tried some instruments again. i wanna try trumpet. den mr rasull gave me it's mouthpiece and try. den holded it for abt 20 min? den i keep trying and den he came back and say cannot. so try another one. also cannot. so try tuba. WTF! tube lehs! the big big one. den he say very good. trying to sabo me isit?!

somemore the tuba nid alot of air lors. and it's heavy. and it dun sound nice. 3 big big big reason tat i dun like tuba. Muahaha! can i change back to trumpet? D:

if im going to play tuba for more than 6 months, im not liking band anymore!! Muahahaha! XD

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