Feb 11, 2009

Perfect day to post! lol! i knew i havent post any proper post for a few weeks. now the perfect post from me is back!! lol!

ok... as usual, i will start wif wad happened after sch. =D

went to staff room wif chong sing to hand in corrections as i cant find wei jie and im bored. lol! after that, went to order cookies from the SC and den find wei jie. found him at 1.50. lol!

after that, they went to their basketball training and i also put my bag there as i was going to my grandma's house beside hua yi. she cooked some kind of noodles for me, made her delicious tea, gave me hong bao(although it's after CNY) and gave me an ice-cream. ^^

went back to hua yi after that to wait for wei jie and sing rui and chong sing. den basketballers break liaos. so chat wif them. but after that, they still nid to train. haiz.. no choice but to wait.

not long after that, phyu cyn and ling yin came. den phyu cyn went crazy by asking everyone wad is a blouse. lol! pls tag her blog if u know. ;D PHYU CYN! I HELP U LEHS! MUST THANK ME HOR!!! lol! jkjk. XD

den played wif the girls while waiting for those people i waited. finally! basketballers can go home liaos. den because the volleyball players having competition wif other schools. so we went to ISH to watch. unfortunately, we went there, they ending liaos. last match. which is Hua Yi VS River Valley. and of course! Hua Yi wins!! muahahaha!!! 3 cheers for those who played! =D

so sing rui also can go home liaos. but she dun wan to stay wif us to collect plastic bottles. so she went home. so after that, we went all over the school(actually not ALL la.) to collect plastic bottles. gone many dustbins, basketball court and hall to find. i also treat them water so as to recycle. lol! i drank 2 bottles lehs! 3 cheers for me! lol! jkjk.

haiz.. collect so many bottles but cannot go in class. so we tried to "break" in to the window. wei jie pushed the window den open liaos. we try cannot lehs! the window so bad!! lol! anw, 3 cheers for wei jie! =D so we threw the bottles into the class. lol! if those people check our class sure fail our cleaniness. XD

den we decided to go home. i sent chong sing, wei jie and phyu cyn to the bus stop. wei jie go first. den chong sing and me wait for phyu cyn's bus to come. while waiting, we tell jokes and laughed. lol! den phyu cyn also go liaos. i wanted to wait for chong sing's bus but he insisted to send me home. so no choice lors. lol! long post? =D proper post? =D

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