Jan 19, 2009

YAY~! finally weekend over! =D but sch was not as fun as before. but still fun. XD now we cant cheer in class and cant shout anymore. T.T thanks to mr razak, now the class is afraid of him.

got a headache after CME class which is history. untill 1.3+. thanks friends! for being so caring. and sing rui for asking when will i die out of headache. -.- lol! kk. sorry.

lolol! today im on diet. XD morning eat nth. recess eat nth. lunch eat cheese fries in KFC(duh!). waiting for dinner...

den we went back to sch to accompany wei jie to take his basketball. den we went to the basketball court opposite my home. which is the nearest basketball court to hua yi besides hua yi basketball court. -.-

faizah, bryan and wei jie played basketball. while me and sing rui cheered them. den they say 3 people play not fun. but we also dun wan play. so faizah say wan play truth or dare. so we played.

den... i joined them to play basketball because it was so bored doing nth... den wei jie keep saying i hav the potential of basketball. -.- i only shoot abt 5 balls in out of 20+ balls? den we went back home....

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