Jan 23, 2009

yay!! finally know the comand of bomb liaos. lol! thanks to FAIZAH for teaching us!! 3 cheers for faizah!

at the celebration, it was..... quite boring? but quite fun. lol! dun get it? nvm. erm... den... after celebration, many people went back home. den i went to play badminton wif kaung htet and ying bei. den i say go ISH. but it's locked. i say quadrangle they say very hot. so we went to the hall. but it's been used by the badminton sch team. but they still lend us a court la. lucky for us, today is their try out. so we tried out. but dun think we got in. D: met faizah while refilling kaung htet's bottle. den we went up together.

den after the try out,we went to eat lunch at the instant noodles again. lol! den sc also going out of the sch. so we very bored. and den i say: when i say kok yong u say hi! den i said kok yong! lol! SAID! but kok yong heard den he turned. XD so paiseh.. lol! den ying bei's hi also very loud.

den we waited for sing rui and wei jie to come back from their pri sch. sing rui came at 3+. faizah nid to go at 3.30. but she waited for wei jie till 4.14. den wei jie come we went home while scolding him for being so late. lol! sorry wei jie! for scolding u too. :P

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