Jan 14, 2009

Woohoo! 1E2~ lolol! faizah made up a vice-vice CEO and vice-vice-vice CEO. she's the vice-vice and im the vice-vice-vice. lolol! mr goh, our physics teacher, came today but didnt teach us. so we did cheers when there is no teachers around. lolol! CEO was keeping the class' volume down but we keep doing cheers. den CEO gave up. den the class even noisier. wei jie and sing rui asked faizah to take the CEO place and ask them to shut up. it sounds so fun and i joined faizah. lolol! we did the "Shalalalala~ U SHUT UP!" cheer and the silent clap. but still no change. lol! den we give up also. XD den it's recess time!

After sch, i was "appointed" by faizah to sit wif wei jie in the bus to science centre. den we discussed the sitting arrangement in bus. lol! sing rui and faizah sit behind wei jie and me. den we did cheers in the bus. was shouting like hell! lol! the bus driver very pathetic lors. next time DUN be bus driver i warn u. lol! jkjk.

haiz... the bus driver drive so fast... reach sci centre in abt...10 min? was instructed to be in groups of 4. so sing rui, wei jie, faizah and me made a group. *sorry austin! :(* den do experiment... learn DNA... wow~ hua yi is so so so so so so so fun!!! XD

after tat, went to eat early dinner at the mcdonald. the couple say wan eat den juz go in and go home. wth! haiz... nvm they couple. nid personal time. lol! den everyone went to the bus stop and took the same bus exept hema. she went to the jurong east interchange. den... ~the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round...~ lol! cannot la. tat's public bus. muz control our 1E2 spririts. XD den i got off the bus wif faizah. den she told me "secrets"... den go home...

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