Jan 22, 2009

Happy birthday to u~
Happy birthday to u~
Happy birthday to Shaun and Liyana~~~
Happy birthday to u~!

Happy Birthday(s)!!

after sch today, we went to eat instant noodles again. and we are late for 5 min! lol! but.. we are considered early liaos. XD

yay!! got a chance to play captain's ball in house practice! lol! but we lost by 1 point! D: den we cheered for sing rui's group. den the teachers heard us cheering and gave us a megaphone. lol! and they won! =D faizah's group also won. but they didnt called them to challenge another group. :( den sing rui's group entered the finals(isit?) and we cheered again! but this time.. they lost. :( nvm! they did their best! =D

it's time to go home. but we must cheer in order to go home. so it's our turn! everyone screamed like hell. so i gave them 3 cheers! YEAH~!

den we went to the basketball court as usual. and we challenged our seniours, Roy and a girl, who are in Singapore Poly now. the points are 11-5. we got 3. lol! nvm too. they(wei jie, paing soe, austin) did their best.

den roy told us stories.. lol! den 7 liaos. and we went back home.

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