Jan 8, 2009

Haiz... say today wan teach den call us bring books and files in the end onli say rules.
den in the middle of chinese class(?) the track and field people came and asked me and four me friends out. he say we was selected for track and field(i was like "wad?! i didnt write my name on ur paper how can i get selected???") and asked us to meet at the spiral staircase at 2 for another round of selection. i have malay class (yes, malay conversation class) so i dun wan go the track and field thing. i dun even wan to join. XD
the malay teacher was damn funny! people say they wan makan taik(sorry if i spelled wrong) den she ask us go eat. anyway, class was filled wif the noise of laughter.
after that, went back home, bath den ask sylvia if they are still at mc. den ili, celeste and amanda was wif them and ili called me. she say meet at sqps wif my uniform. lol! i change liaos. but in the end change back uniform again.
met mr tan, mdm tan, mrs seah. mdm tan said there will be a high tea on 22nd feb, sunday, 2 to 4 those who want to go nids to pay $10 to her. den at 4.30 liddat go home.

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