Jan 28, 2009

after sch went to...where ar? lol! oh ya!

went to canteen for lunch. erm.. den.. while waiting for sing rui and wei jie to get changed, faizah, me and hema talked. den faizah asked me to ask a guy's name. dunno y. and say will give me $2. lol! y not ask? XD so i asked. and he's joel from 1e3. and den i reported it to faizah.

at outdoor activity(education), we learnt how to pitch a tent. but lol! we hav so much trouble.

after tat, went to eat instant noodles(again!!) wif sing rui. faizah and wei jie went to their cca. after eating, we went back to sch and do homework. den... erm.. wei jie cca ended. and he joined us. den mr leow came. lol! and asked us y vernon didnt talk. lol! like the hell we know. den ask if he hav talk to us or not. erm.. oh ya! and asked if we got see him laugh before. lol! he say because he tell joke and everyone is laughing exept him. err... oh ya! he say even im talking and having fun. lol! im quiet? o.o

den mr leow go already, mindy, ying bei and austin joined us. now we waiting for faizah. so... kill some time in the canteen. lol! den we "disturbing" kok yong. (Kok Yong! so sorry! lol) we were like playing true or dare. say wad.. shout KY den get something. lol! den mindy suddenly shout. ying bei followed. :O now kok yong was looking at us. lol! so i did 3 cheers for them to let kok yong know who they are. =X ers.. den...

faizah came and den we went to teh tarik to eat our dinner. den go home after tat. =D

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