Dec 16, 2008

Woke at 7. den wait for time to pass by. at 9+, wei heng called. say he juz return from m'sia.den ask some maple stuff. den finally, it's 10! went to bath and left home.

reach hua yi bus stop at 10.30 (bath 20 min) to wait for cousins. waited 30 min. wtf rite? lol! nvm la. actually say 11 ma. they are late anyways... den reach jurong point at 11.32. XD

got lost for 5 min. den meet another cousin at gv outside. den buy madagascar's ticket. den i bought a jumbo hotdog combo. no more nacho. TT shared the drink wif another cousin. they buy nothing anyways....

Was really funny!!! lol! should watch... XD cousin was holding their pee at the ending of the movie. when movie ends, they rushed to the toilets. lol!

went lunch after tat. we had no idea wad to eat. dena cousin suggest we go 3rd floor's food court. we went up 2 storeys but see no available seats. den 1 cousin suggest we go eat mcdonald. haiz... go down to 1st storey again.

i ate a jumbo hotdog. so im full and didnt want to eat. another cousin dunno wad to eat. so also didnt eat. lol! den 2 eat onli. 1 eat fish fillet and another eats mega mc. i was bored and tis was wad i do...

Went to arcade after eating. played many gun shooting game, a 3-player-game and a car racing game. lol! was really fun but 2 cousins was not joining.. juz watching... when walking out, we saw this...

a spinning.... thing

advertising the arcade?

went to the shop beside fairprice to get a plaster for a cousin. dunno y her leg bleed. another cousin went to buy water. i bought a calbee tidbit. waited for the cousin who was buying water. den we waited so long, we went into fairprice to find him. he was queing, holding 3 bottle of water. den we was discussing how to share the water. XD

went back to arcade again. play play play.... till abt 3.30? den went to the extended section. one whole stretch of food stores. but it was really smelly. XD finally going to an end when we saw many socks... girls were calling "eh wa zi(socks in chinese)!!! wa zi lehs!!" i was thinking.."stop calling wa zi!!!" nvm if u dun understand. :D

went to toys'R'us den everyone was reluctant to go in. so stand outside discussing where to go. den out of a sudden, my cousin's shoe drop to first storey!!!! we were laughing so hard!! den i was "sent" to get her shoe. lol! den go in toys'R'us...

Walking around aimlessly and saw this...

power ranger patroling in toys'R'us?!?!?!

rofl!! y the heck is power rangers there??? den the people ask us if we want to take picture wif them. i was thinking "wad the f*ck! do we look that small?!?!" another 2 cousins was laughing... den shop lorr... walking around aimlessly... looking at monopoly and toys...

when we are going out of the shop, we saw dinosaur's toys. den begin using it to fight. XD den a cousin found this...

Tat's for today!!! first time blog so long! woots! XP

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