Dec 3, 2008

Went to Jurong point wif wan chien and sylvia juz now. Actually Sylvia's sis also going but her mother say she nid buy books for nxt yr. So, onli the 3 of us go. Reach there at 10.30 den saw wan chien in 7-11. We "shop" in there for 30 min and wait for sylvia at the meantime. Well... Actually say meet at 11 but we going prank Sylvia say she late so muz treat us something. :P But in the end... nothing..
Went to the cinema(but it wasn't open yet) straight away when we reached Jurong point. Sylvia bent down and asked the auntie wad time they open.(The "door" was half open) Den wan chien and i was laughing...LOL! Went to arcade and played basketball and car racing for an hour before going to the cinema to buy tickets of HSM3. Then bought snacks...
Drop 3 pieces of nacho on the floor..Lol! So paisei... Then i was very engross on the movie(Didnt watch b4), Sylvia was singing their songs and wan chien was...fidgetting... LOL!
After movie was 2pm le.. Went to the playground near the library and played for an hour... Den go bus stop to...wait for bus?? Den the bus vry slow... So wan chien and me gang up to scare Sylvia. LOL! So poor thing... den bus lai liao. Den... go home luh!

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