Dec 31, 2008

W00ts! Finally back from camp! but.... the day after tmr gonna go sch again. and today is the last day of 2008. so this is the last post for this year. Oh! I found some shuqun guys there too! XD

Day 1
Reported to sch at 8. see many parents bringing campers there. went to register once i reached the school foyer. And i see no teachers! all are prefects! Prefects organized the camp! not the teachers! O;
Learnt some cheer while waiting for the principle to give a speech. but no one cheer. lol! the facilitators was like... very dissapointed?
finally the prinnciple of hua yi, Mrs Leong came. Den she talk talk talk.
Played ice breaking game. Starting wif self-introduction. we nid to say our names, our pri sch and one thing we like. And den, we played "who stole the cookies from the cookie jar".
After that, we go around the sch to know where is where. and that was when we start to cheer but not so loud la.
After that, we were back in the hall! gotta learn cheers again. cheer cheer cheer! den lunch!
After lunch, we went to the cca's audition. went to dance first. Aquila and Bootes(group A and group B) went first. followed by Cantaurus and Draco(group C and D(I'm in Cantaurus!)) took the "cong" and wave it wif the teacher. Amazingly, I was selected.
After dance, we go choir. there's a teacher playing the piano and we hav to la-la-la-la-la. Our turn again... And Surprisingly, i was selcted AGAIN!
Next up is band. They tell us to blow into the mouthpiece. den i tried many times(They forced me to do so) finally success! den take down my name AGAIN!
Went to ELDDS after the band. They gave us a script and we hav to find a partner and act it out. den blah blah blah... My turn to perform! *Performing* Den i dunno was i selected by the ELDDS people.
Next activity is complete it. It's a amazing race and we hav to complete 16 stations in order to go back to the hall. *Playing complete it* Time was not enough so everyone couldn't complete 16 stations. We ran back to the hall and got 3rd! Dinner time!
After dinner, we learnt the sch sone. There's 2 parts: Chinese and English. *Singing School Song*
Next game is Night Hunt! We saperated into 2 grps and blindfolded ourselves except for 3 person. They're gonna lead the blindfolded people. Again, time was not enough and we go to the parade square the debrief.
Supper after that. But Cantaurus dun wan supper so we stay in the hall and say how we feel. Went to canteen to get some announcements and bath we go!
After bathing, lights out.

Day 2
Day 2! 6+ woke up by the facs. go brush teeth and den go back to bung and change to dark t-shirt and white shoes.
Assembled in the hall to sing the national anthem and the sch song. We sang the national anthem too soft so sing another time.
After that, we do warm up. and mass dance. ~Choco latte *clap clap* Roll Roll latte *clap clap* Twist Twist latte *clap clap* Shake Shake latte *clap clap*~
After breakfast, we went to the sports cca's to audition. first is badminton. Vs wif a guy tat joined badminton. missed the first and second shuttlecocks. den get a hang of it. I'm in this too!
Next is basketball. went to the basketballcourt outside of the sch. We nid to dribble the ball and run from the shooting area and back again and den shooting the basketball. onli those who shot in to the "basket" will get in. ~I did not~
Went back to the sch and the track and field team are waiting for us. did some warm up and nid to race to the other end. my shoes are loose so i cant run fast and when im reaching, i gave up and got last. Of course not selected la~~
After running, we go to shotput. Basically, we juz nid to throw the shotput. I'm in!
After that, the girls went to audition for volleyball. while we wait in the canteen. When they are done, we went up.
Waited for the facs to prepare the Hua Yi Musical. *Performing* ROFL! very funny! =.= Lunch Time!
Played telematches after lunch. Went to the parade square to play it. there is a pail of water and a ping pong ball in the middle. all u hav to do is to blow the ping pong ball to the enemy's side and it nids to drop down.
Back to the hall! Blew a balloon and tied it. (First time tying a balloon! =D) den find a partner and we nid to tie on each other's leg. The objective of the game is to step the balloon on the other team and protect ur balloon from being burst.
Water Games! There are 3 jobs. Knights- The one who attack. Priest- The one who defends. Blacksmith- The one who make the water bombs for the knights. I chose to be knight. we nids to walk on fours. not crawl. ur body muz face up. Fun but tiring. and my back muscle feels pain after this game. my muscle tore? Went to change after the game.
It's time for campfire's preparation! Spent 30 min deciding wad to perform at campfire. ;O A guy from NCC was dragged to help us. Den we use his cheers.
Wennt to dinner after preparing. This is the best meal in the camp. Other than this, all kns.
Finally it's campfire! The fire rose the the height of second floor. and we learnt new claps. Den after everyone performed, we did the mass dance again. unfortunately, there's lightning and we hav to move to the hall and continue our campfire ceremony.
Reached hall and continued wif the sing-a-long session. After that, it's supper again. and debrief. den bath and finally, lights out.

Day 3-Last Day
w00ts! last day of camp! Tat's today! we sang the national Anthem and Sch song. did warm up and mass dance part 2.
Ate breakfast-our last meal for this camp!
Eco-challenge is up next. we hav the collected animals that was represented by items and create a food chain. scored 0 for first season, 300 for second season and 3000 for third season. Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah! Yes! ~We are the champion~
Went to wash block E's toilet. They said it was the dirtiest toilet in Hua Yi but when we go in, we onli hav 2 patches of stain to clean. The girls dun even nid to clean it!
~Mass Debrief~ *Closing Ceremony*

There... all we did in the camp...

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